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About Us

Our Culture and Inspiration

Nudie Bumm was founded by Mother Elle Ruh-Millward  in a sleepy seaside town on the Central Coast of NSW Australia in 2020

We design for our children of the sun, taking inspiration from coastlines around our sunburnt country of Australia. 

We rise early to feel the stillness around us, to watch the soft pastel hues of the skys rise above us, to hear the lapping of the waves, to smell the ocean breeze that swells around us, the warmth of the sun, touch our skin. As the sun rises we learn of a new day upon us, where anything is possible.

Nudie Bumm Swimwear celebrates the joy of childhood, sun drenched days, endless play and coastline exploration, Our Nudie Bumm family are lovers of the ocean, chasers of the sun, we travel, we wander, dream big and live for adventures of connection, meaning and understanding.

Our supply chain

The suppliers that we choose to partner with are all certified regarding working conditions and social responsibilities as well as certificates in use of eco friendly fabrication.  We do not believe in demanding the cheapest price from our suppliers as it can affect the quality of our garments and put pressure on suppliers to outsource to a less accredited factory. Our relationships with our factories and their employees are important to us and we work hard to maintain them.

We believe that every person in our supply chain is an equal and a friend and should be treated in kind. All workers deserve a fair, living wage and high-quality working conditions. Our workmates in China are all highly skilled in their roles and we respect them greatly for this.

Waste management 

Our philosophy is to "Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” wherever possible. This approach expands from working with our friends in  China to recycle and re-use as much waste as possible from fabrics in our swimwear to reducing our plastic use tag hangers shipping bags from manufacture to our HQ to delivering online orders in biodegradable compost Bag, recycled paper thank you cards  This small effort literally saves trees every day!

Giving  back

The truth is, we all have a responsibility for the planet, and on our Sustainable Future journey one big part is that we're all about giving back to the environment through local non-profits that align with our values. When people come together and make small changes, the impact can be tremendous. This is why we're so incredibly proud to give 1% of our revenue towards ocean conservation organisations that help to protect the natural environment. They understand that profit and loss are directly linked to its health and are concerned with the social and environmental impacts of industry.