I=change X NB


Nudie Bumm has partnered with i=change to donate $1 of every sale + you choose where it goes!

We are so excited to be able to use our platform to reach and speak to our audience, to encourage continual support towards 3 life-changing projects that Nudie Bumm endorses. Protecting women and children of domestic violence by offering them a safe place to go, Cleaning out plastic and waste from our  oceans and brightening the lives of children dealing with cancer. Our customer can actively choose which charity the donation goes to. Giving a powerful purpose to your purchase, that goes far beyond the power of our product. It is incredible that we can show this support with complete transparency and in real time, on our site.

Nudie Bumm is committed to our community, climate and even more committed to frequent, recurring, and regular support. Driven by our sales, to our charities of choice, that nurture and protect our mother earth.

We can only leave behind a bright future for our kids, if we make a concerted effort to protect our women children and land now. We can only thrive as people, and as a community, with generations to come, if we make this stance and create this awareness, every time a customer shops with us.

When making your purchase, choose from 3 sustainable charities to donate to:



PROTECT A WOMEN Impact $50 provides a hot meal and a safe, comfortable place to stay for one night in partnership with Women's Community shelters.

CLEAN THE SEA Impact $1 removes 1.2kg of plastic and debris from the sea with Seabin

BRING JOY TO SICK KIDS Impact $39 gives one sick child access to the Starlight Express Room for a year with Starlight Children's foundation

100% of your donations goes directly to the charity there are no fees and admin costs that are taken out of your donation instead our business contributes monthly costs to cover admin and fees for the amazing team at I=change that allow this impact to happen. 

Elle x